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Freego Shotgun Flash F3 Pro Max Black 55Ah 2 Piston
Motor Power: 2000W (1000W * 2)
Battery: 48V, 55AH (2,640Wh)
Class 1/2: 20 MPH
Class 3: 28 MPH
Off Road: +++ (Off-Road Mode Available)
Eco Mode: 103 miles
Standard Mode: 70 miles
Sports Mode: 55 miles
Tires: 20'' x 4"
Bandit X-Trail Pro
X-Trail Pro

Engineered for excitement, designed to dazzle. 750W front and 1000W rear hub motor. Dual 48V20AH batteries. Producing up to 1920WHS.

Tame and traverse unyielding terrain with adjustable front and rear suspension.
Urtopia Carbon 1 Pro
Carbon 1 Pro

Customized rear hub, 36 V 350 W (rated), 42 N⋅m

Speed modes
Pedal, Eco, Comfort, Sport, Turbo

Top speed (assisted)

Up to 80 miles

Removable battery
352.8Wh, Samsung Li-ion, removable battery, 2.5-hr quick
AKC Taoci 1500W Dual Suspension
Taoci 1500W Dual Suspension

· 1500W brushless motor and 48V removable battery. Range of up to 35 miles per charge.

· Dual shockS, aluminum alloy frame, fat tires, 7-speed
ENGWE Engine Pro 750W Hydraulic Brakes

750aw/1000W(Peak) 62Miles Full Suspension Foldable E-bike. Fat tire.
Retrospec Valen Rev Plus Step Over
Valen Rev Plus Step Over
Retrospec Valen Rev Plus Step Thru
Valen Rev Plus Step Thru
Frey Evolve Neo Pro
Evolve Neo Pro

Evolve Neo Pro

At FREY, we strive to maintain performance while keeping the cost low to give back to all riders. The balance between high-end specs and price is found here, with FREY EVOLVE. Bafang M510, Full Suspension.
Bullet GTX

The GTX delivers an even more electrifying experience. Retaining the motorcycle spirit, our new model boasts enhanced power with a stellar performance. Get ready to ignite your ride and embrace the GTX exhilaration.

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What customers say

Very Happy with the overall order process, delivery and condition of the bicycle.

George Miller

Customer service is the best I've experienced. I've contacted Burn the Ships Electric multiple times for questions and, they were prompt, courteous and answered all my questions.

Cynthia Chen

Excellent e-bike, love it. Best of all I could test drive right there and their sales team answered all my questions on the spot.

Mark Lopez

I visited they showroom in Hermosa Beach an got to test drive some of their products. The whole experience was a no brainer.

Sara Berg

Amazing Experience. Knowledgeable staff and, I don't have to wait 2 to 3 weeks for the product to get to me.

Adam Smith

Excellent e-bike, love it. Best of all I could test drive right there and their sales team answered all my questions on the spot.

John Miller

Great selection. Got to try a few bikes, got my questions answered. Happy Ebike owner.

Kelly Sanders

E-Mobility Blog

New Deloitte study puts e-bikes ahead of e-cars as most popular and ‘most attractive’ electric transportation

New Deloitte study puts e-bikes ahead of e-cars as most popular and ‘most attractive’ electric transportation.

When we think of the term “electric vehicles,” we generally conjure up mental images of Teslas or other headline-grabbing electric cars. But a new German study from Deloitte shows that it’s actually electric bicycles that are leading the shift toward electric transportation.
The study was conducted by Deloitte last month in Germany, where 1,008 respondents provided feedback about whether or not they use electric transportation and, if so, which type.

The largest portion of respondents by far answered that they use an electric bicycle, with 18% of the survey sample commuting by e-bike.

The next most common categories were electric cars (7%), electric scooters (7%), electric mopeds (3%), electric motorcycles (2%), and electric micro-mobiles (1%).

Interestingly, the study suggests that one reason for the high use of electric bicycles may be the higher perceived attractiveness of the electric two-wheelers.

Click below to read full article.
Read more

Concrete Surfers: Electric Skateboard Speed Wobble Causes And How To Avoid It

Electric Skateboard Speed Wobble:
Causes and how to avoid it
by Chris (Concrete Surfers)

It was dark, I was going 20 mph on my Boosted Mini, when suddenly I headed down a slope I didn’t even see. The board started trembling under my feet. It was the dreaded “death” wobble. A fall and a few scratches (plus a ruined backpack) later, I was determined to learn how to avoid this from happening again. So how do you avoid speed wobble from snowballing into a big ugly fall?

The cheapest and quickest way to mitigate the speed wobble with your electric skateboard is to tighten your rear truck a bit more than the front one. A larger wheelbase also helps as well as a lower degree baseplate (drop through trucks rather than top mount). However your stance and skill level has a lot more to do with avoiding and dealing with speed wobbles.

As you you might have guessed, dealing with “death” wobble is not as simple as it seems. I mean there might be a reason why they call it death wobble right? Read more

Concrete Surfers Review: Skatebolt Tornado

SKATEBOLT Tornado Review:
A Fast, Powerful Commuter
by Chris

The SKATEBOLT Tornado is one of our favorite electric longboards for a variety of reasons. For one thing, it comes at a practically unbeatable price point, given the real power and great features of the board.

But beyond the great price, it’s simply packed with every feature you could hope for in an electric skateboard: long battery life, high top speed, ability to propel up considerable hills, and even taillights for safe night riding.

With all of these features (and even more) in mind, we think this is one of the best options for anyone looking for a commuter board that is reliable and can get them to and from their destinations quickly and without any fear of running out of battery life. Read more

Electrek.co Review Of Electric Bike Co Model R

What happens when you mix cruiser bike styling with a mountain bike fork and motorcycle-level hydraulic brakes? Oh, and when you slap on a 1,250 W peak motor for good measure? You get the Model R from the aptly-named Electric Bike Company.

I visited the company’s hometown of Newport Beach, California to see this new e-bike in person and put it through its paces. Read more

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