Freego Shotgun Flash F3 Pro Max Black 55Ah 2 Piston
Motor Power: 2000W (1000W * 2)
Battery: 48V, 55AH (2,640Wh)
Class 1/2: 20 MPH
Class 3: 28 MPH
Off Road: +++ (Off-Road Mode Available)
Eco Mode: 103 miles
Standard Mode: 70 miles
Sports Mode: 55 miles
Tires: 20'' x 4"
Bandit X-Trail Pro
X-Trail Pro

Engineered for excitement, designed to dazzle. 750W front and 1000W rear hub motor. Dual 48V20AH batteries. Producing up to 1920WHS.

Tame and traverse unyielding terrain with adjustable front and rear suspension.
Urtopia Carbon 1 Pro
Carbon 1 Pro

Customized rear hub, 36 V 350 W (rated), 42 N⋅m

Speed modes
Pedal, Eco, Comfort, Sport, Turbo

Top speed (assisted)

Up to 80 miles

Removable battery
352.8Wh, Samsung Li-ion, removable battery, 2.5-hr quick
AKC Taoci 1500W Dual Suspension
Taoci 1500W Dual Suspension

· 1500W brushless motor and 48V removable battery. Range of up to 35 miles per charge.

· Dual shockS, aluminum alloy frame, fat tires, 7-speed
ENGWE Engine Pro 750W Hydraulic Brakes

750aw/1000W(Peak) 62Miles Full Suspension Foldable E-bike. Fat tire.
Retrospec Valen Rev Plus Step Over
Valen Rev Plus Step Over
Retrospec Valen Rev Plus Step Thru
Valen Rev Plus Step Thru
Frey Evolve Neo Pro
Evolve Neo Pro

Evolve Neo Pro

At FREY, we strive to maintain performance while keeping the cost low to give back to all riders. The balance between high-end specs and price is found here, with FREY EVOLVE. Bafang M510, Full Suspension.
Bullet GTX

The GTX delivers an even more electrifying experience. Retaining the motorcycle spirit, our new model boasts enhanced power with a stellar performance. Get ready to ignite your ride and embrace the GTX exhilaration.
Windhorse D2 Greens Keeper Dual Battery
D2 Greens Keeper Dual Battery
Single Rider Golf Cart, street-legal vehicle designed to enhance your golfing and outdoor experience. Not limited to the golf course; it's legally permitted on bike lanes, beach trails, and within National Parks.
Windhorse D5
Windhorse D5
RAEV Bullet X
Bullet X


The classic Bullet is now bigger, faster and has better stopping power, now comes with hydraulic brakes and capable of reaching a top speed of 28mph, the Bullet-X is in its own class of city commuting.
Wing Freedom X 10.4Ah Battery
Freedom X 10.4Ah Battery
Pedal Electric All Wheel Drive [S]
All Wheel Drive [S]

Our signature flagship model encompassing the finest features available in the market. A comprehensive solution packed with top-tier advantages and impressive extras.

Dual 1000W Motors, 25Ah Battery, Dual Suspension, 36MPH
Pedal Electric CORE 2.0
Core 2.0

Light, fast and durable. Comes equipped with all riders necessities and extra features at an affordable price. 1000W Bafang rear hub motor, 720 WH Lithium Ion Battery, 20-32 MPH speeds, Dual suspension, 2 person saddle, front tire lock. 
Aventon Soltera.2 Step Thru
Soltera.2 Step Thru
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