All Wheel Drive Ebikes (AWD)

Bandit X-Trail Pro AWD
X-Trail Pro

Engineered for excitement, designed to dazzle. 750W front and 1000W rear hub motor. Dual 48V20AH batteries. Producing up to 1920WHS.

Tame and traverse unyielding terrain with adjustable front and rear suspension.
Quietkat Ranger AWD
Ranger AWD

Designed for exciting journeys. With dual hub-drive performance, this ebike stands as the ultimate partner for outdoor enthusiasts aiming to venture farther and traverse diverse terrains. Dual 750w hub-drive motors with front, rear, or AWD
Pedal Electric All Wheel Drive [S]
All Wheel Drive [S]

Our signature flagship model encompassing the finest features available in the market. A comprehensive solution packed with top-tier advantages and impressive extras.

Dual 1000W Motors, 25Ah Battery, Dual Suspension, 36MPH
Freego Shotgun Flash F3 Pro Green 2000W Dual Motor
Shotgun F3 Pro Green 2000W Dual Motor

Dual motors, dual batteries, dual suspension. The dual motors improve the overall strength of the electric bike making it fast and powerful, while the dual batteries greatly improve the riding range.
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