Shotgun Flash F3 Pro Green 2000W Dual Motor

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Shotgun F3 Pro Green 2000W Dual Motor

The F3 Pro is Freego's first electric bike with dual motors and dual batteries is a dual battery, dual wheel drive ride. The dual motors improve the overall strength of the electric bike making it fast and powerful, while the dual batteries greatly improve the riding range of the F3 Pro enough to meet daily use commuting needs and travel endurance.

2000W Dual Motor

F3 Pro are front and rear wheel dual drive electric bikes. Equipped with two 1000W high-power brushless motors, the dual-motor, dual-wheel-drive ride is fast, powerful and powerful, especially suitable for long-distance or rugged road riding.

40Ah Dual Battery

F3 Pro with two removable integrated lithium batteries, 48V 20Ah dual battery mode greatly increases the range of the electric bike. Dual battery mode provides excellent battery life and power, can be applied to any charging location during the journey, with high adaptability, with pedals, suitable for long-distance travel.

Hydraulic Supspension for Front & Rear

Hydraulic suspension reduces frame vibration when riding on rough roads. Makes for a more stable, comfortable and controllable ride, allowing you to tackle any terrain with confidence.

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