Freego Shotgun Flash F3 Pro Green 2000W Dual Motor
Shotgun F3 Pro Green 2000W Dual Motor

Dual motors, dual batteries, dual suspension. The dual motors improve the overall strength of the electric bike making it fast and powerful, while the dual batteries greatly improve the riding range.
Freego Shotgun Prime F2 Pro
Shotgun F2 Pro

F2 Pro is a high performance e-bike. Rear seat removavle to install accessories such as rear box or rack.

1400W max motor output 7Sp shifter, fat tire, front and rear suspension. 
Freego Shotgun Flash F3 Pro Max Black 55Ah 4 Piston
Motor Power: 2000W (1000W * 2)
Battery: 48V, 55AH (2,640Wh)
Class 1/2: 20 MPH
Class 3: 28 MPH
Off Road: +++ (Off-Road Mode Available)
Eco Mode: 103 miles
Standard Mode: 70 miles
Sports Mode: 55 miles
Tires: 20'' x 4"
Freego Shotgun F1 Pro
Shotgun F1 Pro

F1 Pro is a high performance electric bike. 1400W peak power motor and 48V 22.5Ah high capacity demountable battery. SHIMANO 7 Speed Gears, 20-inch fat tires can be used flexibly on all terrains. Disc brakes and front/rear suspension.
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