Monday Motorbikes

Our Mission is to redefine urban transit with environmentally friendly technology and cool design. We strive to bring the joy and thrill of motorized two-wheels to the masses.

Our Values are simple and real. We strive to set the highest standards in quality and design while continuing to exceed them. Our values are at the heart of everything we do and our riders feel it every time they twist the throttle and feel the rush of air around them.

We innovate. We collaborate. Join us.

Monday Motorbikes Presidio
The Presidio line-up is part of our more attainable solutions for aspiring and avid motorbike riders look for a rad sustainable solution to get around. It’s designed to conquer city hills and satisfy your thirst for the thrill of the beaten paths.

Monday Motorbikes Anza
As the original company to revive and electrify the classic 1970's moped-style in 2015, we set the highest bar in the industry.

The Anza model is part of our more approachable solution for aspiring and avid motorbike riders who look for the thrill of r
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