Quietkat Ibex
Ibex (20% Off Limited Time)

Powerful all-terrain full-suspension E-MTB ready to take on the steepest mountain trails with ease. 1000W Mid-Drive. Buttery smooth full suspension and all-terrain "fat style" tires. ensure maximum comfort and control.
Quietkat Lynx 1000W
Quietkat Lynx

Lynx taps into cafe moto culture for a stripped-down ride equipped with a two-speed, 1,000W hub motor, with a twist throttle to get you going and two-piston hydraulic disc brakes to slow you down.
Quietkat Ranger

A powerful versatile Ebike that unlocks adventures on back country trails, the ranch, , or extended hunting expeditions. Hub-drive, rugged durability. Ranger E-Bike is the ultimate companion for any outdoor enthusiast looking to explore.
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