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PowerBoost 3X Charger

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PowerBoost 3X Charger

Exceptional Charging Speed: The PowerBoost 3X Charger, with its 5 amp output, offers a charging speed that's approximately 3 times faster than the conventional 1-2 amp chargers. This leap in efficiency means significantly reduced waiting times and more hours of riding enjoyment.

Uncompromised Safety: We prioritize your safety above all. The PowerBoost 3X Charger meets stringent UL safety standards and is equipped with a reliable 3-prong safety grounded plug and dedicated safety fuses for both input and output. Charge with confidence, knowing you’re protected.

Smart Charging Technology: Our CCCV (Constant Current Constant Voltage) smart technology ensures that your battery is charged in the most efficient and safe manner. This intelligent approach maximizes battery life and optimizes charging performance.

Built to Last: Enclosed in a robust aluminum case, the PowerBoost 3X Charger is designed for durability. The aluminum construction aids in effective heat dissipation, ensuring the charger operates efficiently and remains cool to the touch.

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