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With dual batteries and a smart, energy-efficient conversion system, Mihogo One boasts the world's longest e-bike range, spanning up to an astonishing 270km/167miles.

Say goodbye to range anxiety, whether you're embarking on a leisurely ride or tackling a lengthy commute.

Powered by semi-solid core lithium-ion battery, it offers an impressive battery life of up to 10 years.

The Mihogo One boasts a robust 1000W motor that navigates even the steepest terrains with exceptional ease, redefining the limits of electric biking.

Whether you're facing steep inclines or challenging off-road paths, this powerful motor ensures you never have to compromise on your ride.

With a staggering 85 Newton-meters of torque, it propels you forward with unmatched strength, making every journey an exciting adventure.

Introducing the High-Security Electric Bike Steel Belted Puncture-Proof Tire, engineered to thrive on any terrain encountered by e-bikes. With its puncture-resistant design and impact protection, it ensures safety even when deflated. Built with a steel belt structure and innovative safety features, it exceeds market demands for durability, resilience, and safety, promising a secure riding experience on city streets, country lanes, and beyond.

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